balloon and champagne

this is my painting for the assignment of colour design class 
what i have to do is to create artwork related to the song that i like
for this work,i chose the song called "Balloons&Champagne"



Ephemera - Balloons&Champagne 

 Wave your hand at all
The people you never call
And find the best excuse
To the friends you're about to lose

Do it even though
You can't stand the pain
Do it even though
There'll be no balloons nor champagne
No flowers for you but rain

Tell them you were wrong
About the name of that song
Tell them that you took
That poem from a book

Do it even though
You will never feel the same
Do it even though
It will leave spots on your name
And you will blush with shame with shame

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Apissara S. กล่าวว่า...

I love this song too, I used this song for my ringtone for 1 years , very whimsical song ;)

Baew กล่าวว่า...

i like colors on her face :D